Wirtek Srl, Romania

Wirtek Srl is a software development house with core competencies within embedded software, mobile applications, web applications and infrastructure for mobile communications. The Wirtek Srl software development site in Cluj, Romania was established in 2006 through an acquisition of a Romanian software house.

Wirtek's success is built on its ability to create practical software solutions based on newest technology. Wirtek's continued development is based on strong competence in software development and project management, thorough knowledge of the telecommunications sector, and a flexible work model that makes both insourcing and different forms of outsourcing possible.

Wirtek-Denmark and Wirtek-Romania has specialized in working together efficiently in virtual teams separated by long distances. The already established virtual team procedures will be a major contribution to the success of the HANDS project.

Homepage: www.wirtek.ro or www.wirtek.com


Contact: Anca Elena Rarau 
  Maestro Business Centre
  21st December boulevard, 104
  RO-400124 Cluj Napoca
Phone: +40 364 404 607