Wirtek, Denmark

Wirtek is a software development house that jointly provides high-quality mobile solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics(TM) and flexible business models for a wide range of consulting services for the telecommunication industry. Wirtek has extensive knowledge of mobile technologies and core competencies in software development and project management, which ensure Wirtek's customer relationships are based on a high level of trust and satisfaction.

Wirtek provides flexible mobile solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics(TM) for companies with fields service and field sales operations.

Wirtek provides training, software development, customization, testing and support services with outset from the Company's Development Centers in Denmark and Romania based on a number of flexible in- and outsourcing models.

Wirtek's successful setup with project management in the Danish headquarter and development activities in the Romanian sister organization, which has been deployed for a number of key customers, is utilized in the HANDS project. 

Homepage: www.wirtek.com


Contact person: Henrik Dalsgaard
  Nibevej 54
  9200 Aalborg SV
 Phone: +45 2553 2266