Svedenskolan, Sweden

Independent school ("fristående skola"). Svedenskolan is a special school for pupils with ASD (autism spectrum disorder).


Offers preschool class, compulsory school, upper secondary school as well as childcare for schoolchildren - all for pupils with learning disabilities and ASD


Ages from 6 years old in preschool class, up to 20 years old in upper secondary school. Upper secondary school offers individual program to meet special needs of pupils

Approximately 70 students, 23 special teachers, 30 assistants, head master, vice head master, pedagogical supervisor/coach and support staff. All staff are working within autism area. The school has developed pedagogical methods based on eg TEACCH and other concepts.


Offers also "after school activities" (under Swedish Support & Service Act) so that most children can have the possibility to stay with us for almost the whole day dependent on the level of support that each child has been granted from the municipality.

Individually programs adapted for each child with focus on independency and independency training - the main aim is to provide each child attending our school or activities the possibilities to achieve a higher degree of quality of life and participation in day-to-day society