London South Bank University, UK

Has a long tradition, going back to the nineteenth century, of working to provide students with relevant and practical employment skills and supplying employers with a skilled workforce.

The institution has a vision of being a leading UK University for professional education, giving our students the chance to ‘become what you want to be'.

Staff in the Education Department are all research active, publishing in a range of professional and research journals, as well as both professional and research books.


There are 12 PhD students, 14 EdD students, and more than 50 current Masters students following a course that leads to a research dissertation.

There are two research centres in the Department of Education: the Centre for Cross-Curricular Initiatives (CCCI), which is headed by Professor Sally Inman, and the Centre for Mathematics Education (CME).


In 2007 CCCI was engaged in a number of research projects, including an evaluation of a government funded digital media arts and technology project at Lister Community School, Newham in relation to the impact on staff and students. The Department is also currently a partner in an FP6 project "Form-IT" (Take Part in Research), as part of the Science and Society strand, which is focused on evaluating partnerships between universities and schools to develop and promote science teaching and learning.