How HANDS Works

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The HANDS project strives to develop a set of software components based on Persuasive Technology, which is an efficient tool for

  • The young person to improve social skills and self management skills or manage social activities
  • The teachers to design and customise the tools for the young people
  • The teachers to measure the progress of the improvement in the social skills and self management skills.
  • Create a software design, which makes exchange of experiences and software components easy.
  • The teachers to predict the cost and benefits of using the tools in their work with the young people with an autism diagnosis.


This tool can help young teenagers become better integrated in society, and make it easier to handle daily situations which they might find difficult handling themselves.


The mobile device offers a:
  • Flexible learning tool that can be used in school, home and other places
  • A high status device that the teenagers would find attractive and smart
  • A device, that has a very narrow focus that the teenagers can handle
  • Self training in handling daily life situations were they need to communicate with others.
  • Calendar where the teenagers always can se what there next activities are. This calendar can also alert the teenagers before the next activity starts.


The device is:
  • Customised to the individual teenager. This customisation is handled by the teachers, that can enter in the needed tasks and activities on the backend system of the device
  • Integrated to a backend system where the teachers can setup the content of the individual device and register the teenagers' activities.
  • Integrated in the home environment, school and other locations.
  • The teenagers can use the device in every situation possible It may be possible to locate the teenager by the GPS in the device