Edvantage Group, Norway

Is a Independent eLearning Solution and Content Provider since 1999 and bespoke provider since 1986. Privately owned by 5 main investors and employees - 80 People operating in UK, Benelux, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Our main services are:

  • Learning concepts
  • E-learning processes and implementation
  • Bespoke e-production
  • Visualization technology (simulation, 3-D etc.)
  • Partnership and agreements with world class content providers
  • LMS technology

Edvantage Group is founded in connection with Boxer in Norway and Aalborg University, DK at the Virtual Reality Center. Our mission is to make advantages for the users through e-learning in a broad sense. Edvantage Group is known as number one e-learning provider in Scandinavia through our striving to support the single individual in developing new skills, knowledge and attitudes through blended learning solutions including e-learning.


Our customers and partners are at all levels in the private and public sector - including universities, HR organizations and schools. We creates internal learning environments and integrate different competences like psychologists, teachers, writers, programmers, animators and graphics to develop learning concepts that supports the user in a daily life experience - and not an isolated class room education.


Our main theoretical inspirations sources are Kolbs Learning styles and Action Learning concepts. We believe that learning is an integrated part of daily life of the individual and technology must be seen as intuitive parts of that learning - otherwise we have failed.

Homepage: www.edvantagegroup.com