Aalborg University, Denmark

The research group at Aalborg University is well positioned both for contributing to HANDS with persuasive design expertise, and at the same time utilizing experience from HANDS for the development of persuasive technology. Aalborg has a high profile in European persuasive design and technology. - In addition, the research group at Aalborg University has focussed on the study of ICT ethics, and the group has a leading role in Denmark within the field. Prof. Peter Øhrstrøm is the leader of the Danish Research Network on ICT Ethics.

Homepage: www.aau.dk


Contact person: Morten Aagaard


Department of Communication and Psychology
  Aalborg University
  Kroghstræde 3
  9220 Aalborg Øst
 Email: morten@hum.aau.dk
 Phone: +45 9940 3147